For the office: The Functionality of Portable Document Scanners

Portable document scanners are extremely helpful tools for both business and personal endeavors. They can preserve precious memories while allowing the physical photo or document to not clutter your work or home space. They can also limit the copies of memos for security considerations. They can be especially helpful in this age of burgeoning work-from-home scenarios. Depending on capabilities and features needed, portable scanners can be quite small as compared to their non-portable counterparts.

Portable document scanners can be useful when you are wanting to capture data from memos, digitally store important documents like passports, or for business travel assignments. They can also permit you to scan all the information gleaned at conferences so you can shed handouts that you don’t want to file in paper form but still would like access to. There are numerous ways that this device can improve your home and business life. One of the biggest questions to answer before purchasing is what will I need this device for?

Functionality considerations

If you are wanting to scan photos, you will want to purchase one of the models which captures high resolution scans up to 1200 dpi. If documents are all you are planning to scan, you can get a feed-in paper system that scans at a lower dpi. If you are needing to scan mostly book pages, you may consider purchasing a wand design or a scanner that will accommodate books. Note that the larger the portable scanner, the better able it is to function without human intervention. Handheld scanners or wands, while more portable, require much more attention when scanning. Also, you may have space or nimbleness requirements for field work or travel where you need it to fit into your briefcase or pocket. Another very important consideration is speed. Some models can scan pages, even double-sided, very quickly.


You will want to make sure that whatever system you will be uploading to is compatible with the scanner you purchase. Some portable scanners do not work well with Macs or Windows OS. In addition, some scanners save directly to your computer via USB, others will save to a USB or SD card. If you have a specific format or program you would like to save to (Dropbox, Google drive, etc.), you will want to verify the compatibility before purchase.

Power sources

If it is important to you to have rechargeable battery source included in your portable scanner, make sure you check for it. Some portable varieties require alkaline batteries be added; others have the rechargeable USB function or a rechargeable battery pack included.

There are numerous types of portable document scanners to fit virtually every personal and business need. Taking time to consider these factors may prevent future frustration. We recommend to check out some reviews on the latest and greatest portable document scanners.

A well-reviewed and well-liked one is the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300:

For a ultra-portable handheld scanner, you could check out the Vupoint Scanner:

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